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Speaker: Anita Graser

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Anita Graser is a scientist, open source GIS advocate and data visualization geek. She serves on the QGIS project steering committee and OSGeo board and is author of several books about QGIS.

Anita's background is in computer science with a specialization in geographic information science and she is currently working with the Center for Mobility Systems at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna. Anita also serves on the QGIS PSC and the OSGeo board of directors. In addition, she is teaching QGIS classes at UNIGIS Salzburg.

She has published several books about QGIS, including “Learning QGIS” (currently 3rd edition), “QGIS Map Design”, and “QGIS 2 Cookbook”. Furthermore, she has developed tools such as the Time Manager and pgRoutingLayer plugin for QGIS.