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Workshop: Wikidata Workshop

Beginners welcome!

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Wikidata ist eine freie Wissensdatenbank, die von Menschen wie auch Maschinen gelesen und bearbeitet werden kann. Mehr als 38 Millionen Datensätze, die jede*r bearbeiten kann, liegen auf Wikidata bereit. Die Datenbank dient als zentraler Speicher für strukturierte Daten ihrer Wikimedia-Schwesterprojekte wie Wikipedia, hier finden sich z.B. die Bevölkerungszahlen aller Hauptstädte oder die Erscheinungsdaten aller Filme mit Wikipedia-Artikel.

Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. Wikidata currently hosts 38 million datasets, which everyone can edit, add to and use. It’s the central storage for the structured data of Wikipedia and its sister projects, data such as the population of all capital cities and the release dates of all movies with a Wikipedia entry. Wikidata can answer questions that otherwise would have taken long hours of research: In which cities can you find burials of famous writers named Susan? What are the largest cities with a female mayor? Which ministers are themselves children of ministers? Wikidata gives you these answers in seconds.

In our relaxed workshop, you’ll get an introduction to what Wikidata is all about. You’ll learn about SPARQL, the query language which you’ll use to ask Wikidata questions.

Our friendly Wikidata experts will act as mentors for you and will prepare small tasks tailored to both beginners and more advanced users.

Exemplary tasks include:
* Complete the list of locations where the Vienna Philharmonics performed.
* Add the oldest train station in Austria to the database.
* Where in the world can you find statues of Marie Curie?
* And many more!

After our workshop, you’ll be able to do your own edits and add to the database!
Advanced Wikidata users are invited to able to bring their own projects and, optionally, share them with others in a quick lightning talk.

Please bring...
* your laptop (not older than 10 years) + power supply

...which has installed a
* JavaScript capable browser (= basically the newest Firefox or Chrome)

If you don’t have one already, please
* create your Wikimedia user account before the workshop. You need it to make edits in Wikidata. In case of any difficulties, please reach out to Annemarie: annemarie.buchmann [at]

Beginners are warmly welcome!

Good to know
* The workshop will be held in English.
* Wikimedia Österreich's event guidelines ( apply to this workshop. They’re designed to make everyone feel welcome and to actively encourage a safe, friendly space for learning. Please read them – by attending, you’ll be accepting those rules of being nice to each other.

Your hosts
The workshop is hosted by Wikimedia Austria, the local chapter of the NGO that supports the volunteers behind Wikipedia & Co. The community team for Wikidata is headed by Claudia, Clara, Jean-Fréd and Stefan.
We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Day: 2019-05-03
Start time: 15:30
Duration: 02:30
Room: F4.02
Track: Open Data
Language: en



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