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Workshop: Deploying Python with Docker, CircleCI, and Kubernetes

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Docker is a powerful dev ops tool to simplify deployment and setup. I will present the general idea of docker and then how we can use it to deploy python apps. Next, I will go through a basic example of deploying a flask app with docker. I will then show how we can optimise our image with multistage builds. After that, we will see how we can use CircleCI, dockerhub, and source control to have our image built and tested automatically. Finally we will go over how we can orchestrate multiple containers, auto-restart our containers, and horizontally scale our containers with Kubernetes.

For an outline of workshop as well as information regarding the setup see here.

Things you will need to install (preferably on mac or linux machine):
- Docker
- Flask
- minikube
- kubectl

Accounts you will need:
- Docker Hub
- GitHub/Bitbucket
- CircleCI


Day: 2018-05-05
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 02:45
Room: F4.07
Track: PyDays Workshops
Language: en



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