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Workshop: Let's find formats for commercial cooperation! (WS)

-- a real-life debugging experiment

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Let's go for a real-life debugging experiment:

Let's bring (our) positive and negative experiences together!
Let's discover enablers/engines and barriers of commercial cooperation in Open Source Everything!
Let's use our collective intelligence to find effective co-operation modes!

The commercial world has discovered Open Source as a drive of innovation. Yet, cooperation is not happening as much as both sides would desire. I claim that the main reason for that is a big cultural gap between the "Open Source Community" and the "Commercial Community" - regarding: *Who* is doing *what* under *which*circumstances* and out of *which*motivation*.

In our workshop we will
1st. investigate (our) experiences for cooperation formats and for cultural differences
2nd. identify crucial aspects: enablers/engines as well as barriers
3rd. work towards formats paving the way for (more) productive cooperation

Please bring positive and negative examples -- your own experiences as well as stuff you read, heard of or thought of.

(Sprache Deutsch, wenn *alle* Teilnehmer das wollen -- Gruppenarbeiten in beliebiger Sprache, Ergebnisse in Workshopsprache)


Day: 2018-05-04
Start time: 17:00
Duration: 01:45
Room: F4.07
Track: Open Everything
Language: en



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