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Lecture: An Introduction to Jails on FreeBSD

From basics to networking and thin jails

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Jails on FreeBSD offer - just like their GNU/Linux cousin LXC - a way to separate different services and resources into something usually referred to as a "container". And while various container concepts have become quite ubiquitous in recent years, FreeBSD jails offer something refreshingly different while remaining surprisingly simple. This talk is meant to provide a gentle introduction to FreeBSD jails, starting from the simplest case to the most common setups, configurations and pitfalls.

On FreeBSD, jails are both like containers and at the same time refreshingly different: They have been part of the FreeBSD base system since 4.0 and have seen continuous developement, expanding from a chroot-with-sprinkles to a fully functional system separation mechanism.

This lecture focuses on the basics of jails and jail networking, relying only on the utilities present in every FreeBSD base system. We will start off with fully provisioned system jails and work our way through the peculiarities of networking in jails all the way to thin jails and jail management.

Along the way, we will discuss the many oddities that jails have and take a look at some of the limitations currently present and how to work around them. If time permits, we will take a cursory glance at some advanced topics and take a peek at production setups.


Day: 2018-05-04
Start time: 15:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: F2.01
Track: System Administration
Language: en



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