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Lecture: An OpenConfig Based System for Network Transactions

Large scale, model based network automation with OpenConfig

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In this presentation, we will introduce an OpenConfig based system for network transactions. Based on open source projects like OpenDaylight, Honeycomb and an open source device library, the speaker will explain how vendor specific device configurations are interpreted and converted to OpenConfig and vice versa. The speaker will also demonstrate how software development workflows including version control can be used to operate large physical and virtual networks.

The audience is anyone interested in operating Enterprise or service provider networks and software developers writing applications for network control systems. This presentation will help students, developers and network engineers understand how OpenConfig can be used for network transactions and how they can contribute to open source projects that are being used in this framework.


Day: 2018-05-03
Start time: 13:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: F0.02
Track: (Software) Development
Language: en



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