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Lecture: Security Testing an Overview

Why We Need to Kick Applications

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The need for a pentest of your application or your network will increase in the next years thanks to the national laws and EU regulations. This talk will highlight several security relevant assessments and tests and their differences. Those are typically called: security assessment, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, and bug bounty programs. This talk will also answer the question where these fit in the application lifecycle.

The different types of assessments are used in different stages of the application lifecycle. Whether you are a developer, a product owner, a system administrator or any other person in IT, you should be pushing towards securing the applications and networks, which you have been tasked with taking care of.
This talk will further feature some open source tools which aid in the different tests and assessments and their stages. The main focus will be the penetration test and its different stages. At the end several projects and applications where one can learn more about penetration testing in general will be pointed out.
After the talk, everyone should have a good overview of how they can improve the security posture of their projects and products. You should be able to distinguish what assessment is best suited for you, and what to expect as an outcome. The interested attendee can jump right away into learning more about offensive security testing techniques like penetration testing.


Day: 2018-05-03
Start time: 15:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: F2.01
Track: Privacy and Security
Language: en



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