Version 3.0

Speaker: Adrien Cossa and Jérôme Poisson

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We are the developers of Salut à Toi, a decentralized, free and multipurpose communication tool. With the web interface Libervia we aim to build a free (as in freedom) and ethical alternative to the major social networks.

Salut à Toi is managed by a non profit and independent association. It is build over the decentralized and open standard protocol XMPP (ex Jabber) and developed in Python. We have several interfaces: command line, console, web. The development started for a new desktop/Android interface that has been funded last year via crowdfunding. The motto of the project "Technology is not neutral" means that we think about the role and impact that technology has on the society. The project is driven by a social contract where we commit ourselves to several values (freedom ahead). There's a lot of work and we are looking for people - developers, designers... - willing to help us :-)