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Workshop: Jenkins Meetup

Jenkins and OpenStack, QA Session


We would like to conduct an additional workshop-alike session after the talk about Jenkins 2.0. This session will be conducted in a style similar to Jenkins Area Meetups. We will focus on Linux-related topics.

The session will happen after the Jenkins 2.0 presentation by Oleg Nenashev.

1) Oleg Nenashev (CloudBees) - 5-minute intro about Jenkins community and Jenkins Area Meetups.
2) Oliver Gond┼ża, Pavel Janousek, Lucie Votypkova, (RedHat) - Advanced on-demand node provisioning with Jenkins and OpenStack. "Brief introduction to the concept of node provisioning in Jenkins followed by a demonstration using OpenStack and OpenStack plugin for Jenkins. Future plans for Jenkins cloud monitoring will be presented in the end."
3) Round-table / QA session. All speakers answer the questions about Jenkins use-cases.


Day: 2016-04-29
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: F2.01
Track: Programme und Tools
Language: en



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