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Lecture: Salut à Toi and Libervia

Ethical and decentralised social network


Presentation of the XMPP-based communication tool Salut à Toi and its web frontend Libervia.

Salut à Toi aims to offer a free (as in freedom) and ethical alternative to the major social networks. We want to combine what has made the success of the email network (decentralized, standard and open protocol) with modern features and ease of use.

We have chosen to build our software over XMPP (ex Jabber), because it's a mature and extensible protocol - its publish subscribe feature contains all the bricks you need to build a real social network.

Salut à Toi is also multi frontend, we currently have a web interface called Libervia but those who feel more comfortable with it will enjoy our console interface Primitivus. Not to forget the command line interface Jp that can be used for scripting or system administration.

During the last months, we improved the blogging engine, the file transfer and many other things. A new interface for both desktops and Android devices has also recently been started.

It takes two seconds to say that a project is free and ethical only for marketing purpose, but we take these words seriously. During the lecture we will also talk about the political aspect of Salut à Toi and the choices we made to keep the project on the right tracks.


Day: 2016-04-30
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: F0.02
Track: Cloud
Language: en




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