Speaker: Agent X

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Der echte Name von Agent X und Details zu ihm werden zurückgehalten um der NSA nicht auch noch zu helfen ;-)

Intro in English:
The Function of Agent X is to provide a protocol for the Simple NSA Management Protocol (SNMP) with the aim to explain in layman's terms and understand what the NSA is up to and how to fight back.

The aim is to extend the SNMP and provide more clues towards it.
Reference for the intented origin of Agent X:

Die Inspiration für Agent X kommt von Poul-Henning Kamp's FOSDEM Keynote:
"NSA operation ORCHESTRA: Annual Status Report"

"(TOP SECRET/COMINT) NSAs operation ORCHESTRA has been a resounding success again this year. This year's status report will update decision makers and programme liasons on the goals, achievements and means of ORCHESTRA.

This is the NATO headquarters, right? Cool! No, no, I was just surprised that nobody was in uniform today, but I guess it's the weekend, eh? That's so cool -- I wish we were allowed to do that too. It's quite a crowd isn't it? I had no idea you had so many people with COMINT clearance over here... Amazing really. Anyway, lets get started, shall we?"

See the link on the right for the webm Video download of that talk!