Lecture: Linux kernel - Let's contribute

Randconfigs and patches, we have something for everybody!

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This talk will give you a quick introduction to Linux kernel development. During the talk we will explore some options of contribution, including random configurations, stable-testing, RC-testing and actual coding! By the end of the talk we will post a basic patch to the developers as well.

The talk will begin with a short introduction on the state of the kernel. We'll discuss how it all works and why it works. Right after we'll start to discuss how possible contributors can begin their journey. We'll start with randomized configurations (i.e 'randconfig'), how to do them, how to post them if they fail in a way. After those we'll get to some testing. This includes release-candidate testing and stable kernel testing. Both are extremely useful and help the community. After this we'll get to some coding and code a simple patch together and send it to the maintainers for acceptance into the upstream kernel.


Day: 2014-05-10
Start time: 13:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: HS 2.01
Track: (Software) Development
Language: en



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