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Referent: Martin Natano

Person large

I have been using Python for more then a decade now. I've seen the language evolve quite a bit, witnessed the move to Python 3 and had the opportunity to grow as a programmer during that time.

While most of the paid-for work I've done so far was done in high level languages I prefer to use lower level languages like C in my spare time to work on my obscure synthesizer projects and contribute to open source projects like OpenBSD.

In my spare time I like to work on audio synthesizer software running on OpenBSD. So far I have mostly finished my organ synthesizer modeled after the famous electro-mechanic Hammon B3 organ, which took a lot of delving into obscure corners of the internet, dedicated to keeping the dream alive and, of course, the official Hammond service manual.

I have contributed to Bitrig and I'm a contributor to OpenBSD.

Sometime I like to do ASCII art (quite amateurishly).