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Referent: Tamir Hassan


Tamir is a researcher, developer and consultant in the field of Document Engineering and have over 15 years of experience working with PDF and HTML(+CSS+JS) documents on topics including table recognition, automatic tagging, accessibility, layout optimization and conversion between the two formats.

Tamir Hassan ​has over a decade of experience in the area of document engineering. After writing his doctoral thesis on the topic ​User-Guided Information Extraction from Print-Oriented Documents, ​he worked as a researcher in academia, and more recently in the Printing and Content Delivery Laboratory of HP Labs. He now works as an independent researcher and consultant offering solutions for round-trip processing of PDF documents (i.e. both the conversion of formatted documents to structured form and the automated creation of of formatted documents from structured content or data).

Tamir is a member of the PDF Association and participates in its Technical Working Groups on Responsive and Accessible PDF. He also represents Austria in the ISO Technical Committee for PDF (TC171/SC2) via Austrian Standards International.