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Vortrag: meets Selenium/Webdriver

If you have to fell a tree then use a chain saw.

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The throne of the test automation tools is at risk. CYPRESS.IO, a next-generation front-end testing tool, is on the best way to dispute Selenium's throne. Really? Dispute Selenium's throne? On Twitter, the views are divided. Some tweets at Twitter sounds similar to a religious war in terms of test automation tools. Cruising thru relevant forums and blogs conveys the impression that Selenium has only drawbacks and Cypress has only benefits. That's right. If you see it from the point of speed. But there are other things which we must consider when we compare both tools. In this talk, Rudolf gives us a view of these other things. Or in other words: If you have to fell a tree then use a chain saw. If you instead use a jigsaw, then good luck!


Tag: 04.05.2019
Anfang: 12:00
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: F2.01
Track: Programme und Tools
Sprache: en



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