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Workshop: Co-Mentoring Program Women on Data

Hacking gender inequality through networking.

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Diversity matters! Not just because it makes the world a fairer place, but also because it improves welfare and safety for society as a whole. It is becoming increasingly clear that diversity is also good for business, as it improves creativity and also increases the company’s bottom line.

The co-mentoring program “Women in data” is a platform to connect and learn together. This is our first official meetup and you are very welcome to attend!

This meetup is open for women* and non-binary folks who are interested in or working with data.

Data professionals are designing and implementing some of the most innovative products for the whole society. Nonetheless, data teams tend to be homogenous and mainly (if not 100%) composed of male members.

This lack of diversity leads to a lack of different perspectives on product design, reducing profitability opportunities for businesses. Even worse, it can put human lives at risk, as is explained in the article:
"The deadly truth about a world built for men – from stab vests to car crashes".

So, the question is: How do we improve diversity in data teams? One of the most effective ways is through building a strong network and empowering others. In order to achieve this, it is important to get to meet female data professionals, to get to know each other’s work and to establish mutually beneficial learning relationships.

Often we are asked to recommend fellow data professionals in different contexts but since the community is dispersed, even we as women face difficulties in coming up with a female colleague’s name and only male colleagues’ names come to our mind. If the network grows strong, this will hopefully not be the case anymore as we will know who to recommend because we know who we are and we know each other’s work.

The co-mentoring program “Women in data” is a platform to connect and learn together. It is planned to have a meeting once per month, where we would discuss two projects per session helping each other with feedback and ideas.


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