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Vortrag: Using Embedded Linux for Automotive Testing Devices


Test solutions for automotive bus systems like Automotive-Ethernet, CAN-FD and FlexRay require hard real-time while still being able to use all the features Linux is providing.

This talk will show how to deploy asymmetric multiprocessing on an embedded Linux system: One core hosts a Linux system, while the other core executes real-time tasks.

This talk will introduce:
* Booting embedded Linux (U-Boot, flat-device-tree, kernel parameters, initramfs)
* Using Linux as a device (PCIe-endpoint, USB gadgets)
* Flash filesystems and firmware updates
* Linking and starting an application on the second core
* Sharing memory between cores

By the end of this talk audience members will be able to understand and build an embedded Linux AMP system.


Tag: 03.05.2019
Anfang: 13:00
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: F0.02
Track: System Administration
Sprache: en



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