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Workshop: asyncio

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The asyncio library and the concept of coroutines provide a useful abstraction for python programmers. However the library can be hard to understand. It is not immediately obvious how to use it and under which circumstances you would pick it over threads or processes and why. This workshop tries to fill the gap.

The workshop starts with an introduction that explains the underlying concept of coroutines and a bit of behind-the-scenes insight of how they are implemented in python. There will be a comparison with threads and processes and guidance on how to pick the right tool for the job.

After the introduction the actual workshop begins. Participants are handed an python/jupyter notebook containing exercises regarding coroutines and the asyncio library. The exercises can be completed by participants at their own pace.

Participants should be comfortable writing Python code, but don't have to be familiar with concurrency or parallelism in order to participate in the workshop.

Prerequisites: You will need a machine with Python 3.7 installed.


Tag: 04.05.2019
Anfang: 10:00
Dauer: 02:00
Raum: F4.07
Track: PyDays Workshops
Sprache: en



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