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Film: Open Everything Film Festival

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The apertus° Association and q/uintessenz are proud to announce that Vienna’s only international libre/open film festival, “Open Everything – Privacy and Security” takes place in the course of the Linuxwochen Wien (3rd and 4th, May 2018). The focus is on privacy, surveillance and security, as well as topics like DIY, the Maker Movement, Creative Commons, Open Hardware, Free Software, Copyleft and free and open creative/artistic processes and communities.

  • Night Crosser (Award Winner: Best Narrative Short – duration: 8 minutes, Canada)

  • Monster of the Web (Award Winner: Best Animated Short – duration: 2 minutes, Egypt)

  • The Blockchain and Us (Award Winner: Best Documentary Short – duration: 30 minutes, Switzerland)

  • Ostkaktus (Award Winner: Best Creative Commons Film – duration: 16 minutes, Germany)

  • Just in Time (Finalist: Narrative Short – duration: 6 minutes, Austria)

  • Champ (Finalist: Narrative Short – duration: 4 minutes, Austria)


    Tag: 03.05.2018
    Anfang: 19:00
    Dauer: 01:30
    Raum: F0.01
    Track: Open Everything
    Sprache: en



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