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Vortrag: Unsafe at Any Speed

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The default settings of some libraries and tools are so useless, or even dangerous, that they should never be used. While they give the impression of being easy to use or performant, they actually represent traps for the unwary user. I will show the concrete problems caused by such defaults, and explore how to create tools with good defaults.

This talk is aimed at intermediate Python developers and up. The examples I use are mostly drawn from web development, but you won’t have to be very experienced or specialised in web dev to understand them. The conclusions are applicable to other areas of development as well.

After this talk, you’ll have a better understanding of some specific cases of dangerous default settings - and also of the general patterns that they represent. You will be better able to recognise these failure modes when developing your own tools and libraries, and when using external ones


Tag: 05.05.2018
Anfang: 15:00
Dauer: 01:00
Raum: F0.01
Track: PyDays
Sprache: en




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