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Vortrag: Modern Network Security Mechanisms in Linux

MACSec, wireguard and TLS 1.3

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This presentation takes a deep-dive into upcoming network security primitives in Linux. I will present promising tools across the different layers 2-4, which I expect to be heavily used in the future. In particular this will be MACSec (802.1ae) for layer 2, which is already part of the kernel since 4.9. On layer 3 I'll present wireguard, which is still experimental, but slick and performs very well compared to IPSec. Lastly, TLS 1.3 at layer 4 was recently standardized, and I'll cover the new features as well as the differences in the standardization process compared to previous versions of SSL.


Tag: 04.05.2018
Anfang: 16:00
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: F0.02
Track: Privacy and Security
Sprache: en



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