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Referent: Christian Aichinger

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After studying chemistry, I decided to follow my second passion and head for a career in software engineering. I'm now working at a private meteorological company where I develop algorithms to further improve our weather forecasts.

I loved programming since I first had contact with it, which was with Pascal in 1998. Since then, I've always had side projects developing software or playing around with exotic hardware. I chose to study chemistry, where I completed my PhD in 2015. Besides my studies, I've contributed to the Debian Linux distribution and other free software projects.

After finishing, I was searching for jobs in both chemistry and software engineering. I found my current position as software developer at Ubimet, first working on severe weather warnings and now on one of our core meteorological data processing components. I find it super exciting :-)

I'm very interested in data science and machine learning, and I'm curious about the direction that these areas will take in the future. I'm also excited about Python, the language, the ecosystem and its community.