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Referent: Sebastian Nozzi

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I'm a software developer. Have been programming since an early age, experimenting with different programming languages. From work I got a foundation in Java. In the last years I also got experienced with Scala. In my heart I always had a soft spot for Smalltalk. Only recently I came to Python, and am liking it very much.

Regarding software development, I am passionate about these two questions:

- How can people learn to program in a fun, engaging way?
- How can we, as programmers, write better, more maintainable code?

I enjoy programming, and am interested in learning new and better ways to do so. Be it through new languages, tools, techniques and approaches. For that reason I like participating at local coding-dojos and code-retreats. Talking and exchanging with fellow developers. Whenever I can and the opportunity is given to me, I also like hosting coding-dojos myself.

In the past years I also have had the opportunity, and the honor, to bring programming to children (and future teachers) through Scratch. It was a wonderful experience, which started in me the desire to share the fun of programming with a wider public.

These two aspects ultimately lead me to Python, a language which I think has all the potential to cater both to seasoned developers and beginners alike.