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Workshop: Natural Language Processing in Journalism

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This workshop aims to explore how we can apply NLP and text mining techniques to journalism. Online media is a cornerstone of our day and age, and data-driven journalism has played an increasingly larger role in news media production. How can we use data science tools to facilitate journalism? This workshop will go over some of the ways we can use NLP techniques to analyze news articles, curate similar stories, deduce article sentiment, and potentially detect fake news.

The main goals of this workshop are:
(1) Walk through some different ways we can computationally model meaning on a set of news articles.
(2) Demonstrate how to use some of these models to find similar articles and build topic clusters
(3) Show some methods of how we might go about extracting sentiment from an article
(4) Explore how we can use these techniques to build useful text mining tools

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Tag: 05.05.2017
Anfang: 13:00
Dauer: 01:45
Raum: EDV F1.01
Track: PyDays (WS)
Sprache: en



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