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Vortrag: Cardiac image analysis in Python

Learning from medical images

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Can Python help us to make cardiology more efficient?
Become a part of our start-up journey at KardioMe. We will see how Python and deep learning can be used for analysis of medical images.
You will see how simple it is to start analysing your images too.

Artificial intelligence is booming and it is up to all of us to make tools that will improve our lives.
In this talk, we will see tools that can help radiologists be more efficient when analysing our hearts.

I will share tips for training machine learning systems in Python, and how to bring them from experimentation to production.
We will discuss how convolutional neural networks see the world and how we can tame them.

Our main application is cardiac imaging. That includes images from computed tomography and magnetic resonance.
But similar principles can be applied to many other computer vision challenges beyond medical imaging.


Tag: 05.05.2017
Anfang: 14:30
Dauer: 00:30
Raum: F0.02
Track: PyDays
Sprache: en



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