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Vortrag: This is Plone

About a major Python CMS.

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Plone is one of the biggest Open Source Python CMS frameworks and around since more than 15 years.
Due to it's flexibility, user friendliness and excellent security track record it's used for NGOs, enterprise portals and any project, where Wordpress comes to it's limits. Still it's a niche project.
This talk gives some insight from core contributors of Plone.

This talk shows of the technologies and concepts behind Plone.

Among those are the object database ZODB, which stores content objects in a hierarchical structure, the content type framework with it's concept of behaviors, the Diazo theming engine which generates XSLT code from an XML DSL, the RequireJS and LESS based static resource framework with a component system based on Patternslib and so on.

We will also talk about the current situation, reflecting the history and visionizing about the future, which holds quite a lot of challenges for us.

And - maybe the most important part - we want to talk about our community, our commitment to Open Source and why it's still fun to contribute to Plone.


Tag: 05.05.2017
Anfang: 15:00
Dauer: 00:30
Raum: F0.02
Track: PyDays
Sprache: en



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