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Vortrag: Gatling

Tales From A Story

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Follow the journey of introducing the Gatling load testing framework targeting George Online Banking. The journey started as a simple tool to monitor the availability of REST endpoints. This monitoring approach turned out to be useful across multiple departments therefore a multi-tenant & multi-site test setup was introduced running on a Jenkins CI server. The Gatling scripts were further extended to detect REST API changes between releases. But at its heart Gatling is a performance test tool - turning the "functional" test suite into a full-blown performance test is just a few lines of code away. Finally we look back at the separation of functional and performance test tools since both are means to the same end - delivering high-quality software.


Tag: 05.05.2017
Anfang: 12:00
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: F2.01
Track: Programme und Tools
Sprache: en



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