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Vortrag: 4 Steps to a Project Your Users Will Love

Use startup techniques to identify the features your users will benefit most from


Test your project idea before you start building it. Whether it’s a commercial startup or an open source project, it’s always more fun to build something people like. The Customer Development model offers 4 steps to a viable product. Validate your ideas in interviews with potential users and quantitatively. Plan your project based on your insights and start building.

90% of Startups fail. There are various reasons for this, starting from being unable to find the right team, to missing finances or getting overrun by competition.
But above all the main reason is that the product doesn’t find any demand in the market. The founders built something nobody wants.
In the same way many open source projects fail to deliver a product users love. Other than in commercial projects, the main emphasis in open source is not to generate revenues. But still it's way more fun to work on a project people will rip out of your hand.
Customer Development can help you find that project.
The 4 step model helps you built the project from the user's end. By validating your ideas through user interviews and quantitative metrics, you can tweak your product to likes of your users.

First I will give a brief overview of the Customer Development model. Then i will show how we use it at our startup GitMate, which insights we’ve gained, which problems emerged and how to get around them.

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