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Workshop: Industrie 1.0 meets Business 4.0

Dampfmaschine mit MQTT und Raspberry PI


The "Industry 4.0" buzzword is all around, meaning the computerization and inter-connection of "intelligent" components in the production process. Using a live steam engine, we demonstrate how this approach can be carried over to the world of business applications: "Business 4.0", where live data appear in ordinary applications.
After a short demo, we will offer a short MQTT workshop to show how easy it is to use the open MQTT protocol for transmitting sensor data.

We use the MQTT protocol for our data transmissions and a Vaadin UI to display the data.

In the "hands on" part of our talk, we will help attendees set up MQTT clients (Java or Python) on their machines in order to receive the steam engine sensor data as well.

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Tag: 09.05.2015
Anfang: 13:00
Dauer: 01:45
Raum: FS 0.02
Track: Open Hardware
Sprache: en



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