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Vortrag: Java Imaging Survival Guide

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If you are ever asked to convert, process and scale millions of real-world images using Java it will be a painful experience - at least it was for me. I came across unexpected problems ranging from CMYK, alpha-channel handling, multi-page TIFF, image compression algorithms, setting DPIs, PDF preview generation, decompression bombs to efficient image scaling. At hindsight I wished there was some single resource of information to guide me through my problems - and this is exactly the reason for this presentation. It provides real-life experience in replacing an ImageMagick/JMagick image conversion & scaling with a pure Java implementation covering Apache PDFBox, Java Advanced Imaging API (JAI), TwelveMonkeys ImageIO plugins, Sanselan (aks Commons Imaging) and different Java-based image-scaling libraries.


Tag: 08.05.2015
Anfang: 10:00
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: HS 2.01
Track: (Software) Development
Sprache: en



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