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Vortrag: ownCloud - a short introduction

How to use the open source software to regain control over your data

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Internet companies use the data that we give them for their purposes, in exchange for free services,
It might seem as if we don't have much choice but to put up with such practices.
There are however things we can do to restore the balance:
Through using open source software like ownCloud, we can start now to retake the control over our personal data.

The events in recent years have made it clear that to many of the companies currently managing our data, we are not customers, but the product they sell.
It can be hard to determine what else is done with our data.
it can be a challenge to achieve control over data stored in the web under such circumstances.
This can matter for a lot of reasons, be it private people caring about who has access to their data, or companies trying to fulfill privacy laws.

ownCloud can help a lot here.
You can either host it on your own server for complete control over the storage facilities,
or you could choose one of the many hosting providers.
As for functionality, you can share files like you would for example with dropbox.
You can manage your calendars and contacts, provide an RSS feed reader and mucn more.
So what is ownCloud?
At it's core it is a web application framework built on top of php.
Very close to the core are the file syncing and sharing capabilities.
Everything else is provided through apps.
The examples given above only provide a small selection of the available apps.

Several big institutions and universities (e.g. TU Vienna, Uni Salzburg, Innsbruck and Linz, CERN, TU Berlin, ...) have started moving to ownCloud
in an effort to provide their members with up-to-date cloud services.


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