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Vortrag: Ausfall! - Let's automate stuff with ansible

Ausfall! / Canceled!

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Ausfall! / Canceled!

Setting up servers and workstations remotly by sshing into them and executing a series of commands. That's what ansible does. In this talk we'll look at the ansible architecture, how a common ansible setup looks like and see what's the difference to other tools like puppet/chef.

Ausfall! / Canceled!

With ansible, orchestrating machines is getting easy. Defining how a host should look like in yaml, you are able to set it up with just one command. While this is certainly useful for production systems, ansible can be used to quickly set up new testing machines, development environments (e.g. inside a virtual machine) or even your localhost.

Within this talk, we'll go into the world of DevOps, seeing what it's like to control many servers without ever manually logging into them. In the beginning the ansible architecture will be explained briefly. We'll look into how a small ansible setup looks like and what can be achieved with ansible. The talk will also provide information on the difference to other configuration management tools like chef and puppet. Best practice examples will conclude the talk.


Tag: 07.05.2015
Anfang: 12:00
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: HS 2.01
Track: System Administration
Sprache: en



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