Vortrag: Surviving A Successful App Launch

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The Austrian classified ads provider willhaben.at launched its mobile application on Android and iOS in July 2013, counted 100,000 downloads within five days and 1.000.000 downloads within 9 months.

Join the developers for a journey from the the first code line to the production problems during the launch:

* Outsorcing - distributed versus co-located development?
* In search of the API - adding a REST API to JSP-centric application
* REST API design - general ideas and guidelines for writing a REST API
* Implementation of the Android app
* How not to soft-launch
* Surviving the first days
* Lessons learned


Tag: 08.05.2014
Anfang: 16:00 Uhr
Dauer: 01:00
Raum: FS 0.01
Track: (Software) Development
Sprache: de



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