Vortrag: BetterCrypto: Applied Crypto Hardening

deploying strong, fast and sound cryptography from an operational perspective

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The BetterCrypto Project started out in the fall of 2013 as a collaborative community effort by systems engineers, security engineers, developers and cryptographers to build up a sound set of recommendations for strong cryptography and privacy enhancing technologies catered towards the operations community in the face of overarching wiretapping and data-mining by nation-state actors. The project has since evolved with a lot of positive feedback from the open source and operations community in general with input from various browser vendors, linux distribution security teams and researchers. This talk will give a concise guide on how to properly deploy networked services in a secure fashion that is applicable today. We will also give an update on the project as well as new development on the front of cryptography, attacks and TLS protocol standardization.


Tag: 09.05.2014
Anfang: 16:00
Dauer: 01:00
Raum: FS 0.01
Track: Privacy and Security
Sprache: en



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